All Glitter

Mermaid Waters Mermaid Waters
Extra fine color shifting green, teal and blue   size 1/64
Breakfast at Tiffany’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Ultra Fine teal  size 1/128
Black Hole Black Hole
Ultra fine black  size 1/128
Ursula Ursula
Chunky mix of purples, black, pinks, and even bits of green and yellow size chunky...
Summer Sizzle Summer Sizzle
Ultra Fine Fluorescent Pink  size 1/128
Rapunzle Rapunzle
Fine color shifting pink, yellow and gold   size 1/24
Falkor Falkor
Chunky, color shifting light pink with hints of yellow, silver, orange, and pale purple. This...
Heffalump Heffalump
Super fine deep holographic purple.  size 1/96