Sets, Pairings & Bundles

Seven Dwarves Bundle Seven Dwarves Bundle Sale -10%
(7) 2oz Iridescent glitters: Doc Dopey Happy Sleepy Bashful Grumpy Sneezy   Size 1/64 
Mystery Monthly Pepper Box Mystery Monthly Pepper Box
On the 1st of each month a new mystery box will be released. Listing will be...
Trick or Treat Bundle Trick or Treat Bundle Sale -9%
(4) 2oz glitters: Black Hole - metallic 1/128 Lala - iridescent 1/32 Purple People Eater...
Rainbow Sprite Bundle Rainbow Sprite Bundle Sale -10%
(6) 2oz Iridescent glitters: Romeo O.J. Spark Lucky Champ I.Q.  Size 1/96 (0.3mm)
Rainbow Pony Bundle Rainbow Pony Bundle Sale -9%
(7) 2oz Pearl Iridescent glitters: Pinkie Pie Scootaloo Fluttershy Granny Smith Trixie Spike Twilight Sparkle...
Neon Lights Bundle Neon Lights Bundle Sale -9%
(5) 2oz neon ultra fine glitters: Summer Sizzle Solar Flair Sully Firefly's Bum Minion
Spangled Bundle Spangled Bundle Sale -7%
(3) 2oz holographic super fine glitters: Jafar Travolta Genie of the Lamp
All American Bundle All American Bundle Sale -13%
(3) 2oz classic metallic ultra fine glitters: - Scarlet Shimmer - Fresh Snow - Diane's...