Rainbow Fish Rainbow Fish
Chunky mix of iridescent, color shifting purple, gold, and aqua.  size chunky mix
Igloo Igloo
High Sparkle White iridescent  size 1/64  
Olaf Olaf
Custom Piggie Mixology  White iridescent that looks like your favorite glistening snowman. size 1/64 and...
Pink Eraser Pink Eraser
Super fine pink iridescent   size 1/96
Buddy Blue Buddy Blue
Blue Iridescent  size 1/32 (0.030) (0.8mm) sister match: Champ and Rosetta
Ice Crystal Ice Crystal
White Iridescent  size 1/96 (0.3mm)
Murray Murray
Red Iridescent  size 1/16 (0.060) (1.5mm) sister match: Romeo and Red Butler
Big Bird Big Bird
Yellow Iridescent  size 1/16 (0.060) (1.5mm) sister match: Spark and Canary