Chameleon Color Shift

Mermaid Waters Mermaid Waters
Extra fine color shifting green, teal and blue   size 1/64
Rainbow Fish Rainbow Fish
Chunky mix of iridescent, color shifting purple, gold, and aqua.  size chunky mix
Falkor Falkor
Chunky, color shifting light pink with hints of yellow, silver, orange, and pale purple. This...
Rapunzel Rapunzel
Fine color shifting pink, yellow and gold   size 1/24
Pink Elephants on Parade Pink Elephants on Parade
Color shifting pink, purple, blue with green chunky mix.  size chunky mix
Bimini Waters Bimini Waters
 Chunky mix color shifting teal, light blue and dark blue   size Chunky mix
Spyro Spyro
Chunky, color shifting purple and pink with hints of yellow and light blue. This glitter...
Grape Soda Grape Soda
Extra fine color shifting glitter. Shifts purple, dark blue, light purple and a little bit...